Engineering high performance cultures for  growth, profitability and impact.

Collaborate cohesively, deliver consistently.


Equip your managers

Develop your managers to understand their responsibilities, navigate their personality, manage their time, delegate effectively, manage performance and build trust on their teams so they can

Align your team

Our team building sessions utilize experiential learning games and activities to create a fun, relaxed yet objective space for team members to bond whilst also doing the critical work of

Engage your staff

The Indispensable Employee, our flagship workforce training program, helps junior staff create the awareness, skillset and an attitude to leverage high performance at work as a vehicle for personal growth leading to

why we exist

Our Mission

The Training Leaders Co is a partnership of  Learning and Development leaders who combine their experiences, expertise and exposure to design and facilitate holistic and comprehensive interventions.

Our training, coaching and consulting assist corporate leadership teams to improve impact and profitability by engineering high performance cultures. We’re passionate about equipping leaders and managers to effectively apply management best-practices. Our team development work helps teams align, co-create ways of working and objectively assess their strengths and weaknesses. This creates healthy, happy and productive teams that strengthen industries and ultimately the economy itself. TLC is excited and determined to play our role in the African Century

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